Dantone Electrical Ltd

AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 19 DETA ELECTRICAL www.detaelectrical.co.uk Gridswitch Double Pole Engraved w/out neon with neon Oven G3551 G3571 Hob G3552 G3572 Extractor fan G3553 G3573 Washing machine G3554 G3574 Tumble dryer G3555 G3575 Dishwasher G3556 G3576 Fridge G3557 G3577 Freezer G3558 G3578 Boiler G3559 G3579 Cooker hood G3560 G3580 Microwave G3561 G3581 Fridge Freezer G3562 G3582 Heater G3563 G3583 Waste disposal G3564 G3584 Fan boost G3565 G3585 Warming drawer G3566 G3586 Wine cooler G3567 G3587 Cover Plates Vimark Vimark Curve Vimark Evo Ultra Flatplate Ultra Screwless Chrome Stainless Steel Chrome Satin Chrome Chrome Satin Chrome White 1 gang G2601 G2701 G2801CH G2801SS G3311CH G3311SC G3381CH G3381SC G3381WH 2 gang G2602 G2702 G2802CH G2802SS G3312CH G3312SC G3382CH G3382SC G3382WH 3 gang G2603 G2703 G2803CH G2803SS G3313CH G3313SC G3383CH G3383SC G3383WH 4 gang G2604 G2704 G2804CH G2804SS G3314CH G3314SC G3384CH G3384SC G3384WH 6 gang G2605 G2705 G2805CH G2805SS G3315CH G3315SC G3385CH G3385SC G3385WH 8 gang G2607 G2706 G2806CH G2806SS G3316CH G3316SC G3386CH G3386SC G3386WH 9 gang G2608 G3317CH G3317SC 12 gang G3318CH G3318SC Description White Black Chrome Satin Chrome Stainless Steel 10A Single Pole 1 way G3501 G3502CH G3502SC G3502SS 2 way G3502 G3502BK G3503CH G3503SC G3503SS 2 way 'PRESS' G3503 G3503BK* 2 way 'PRESS' with red rocker G3503RD* G3503RDB* 20A Single Pole 1 way G3511 2 way G3512 G3512BK G3512CH G3512SC G3512SS 2 way integral neon locator G3525* Intermediate G3513 G3513BK G3513CH G3513SC G3513SS 2 way & off retractive G3516 G3516BK G3516CH G3516SC G3516SS 2 way & off latching G3517 G3517BK 2 way with red rocker G3512RD G3512DRB* 20A Double Pole Double pole G3514 G3514BK G3514CH G3514SC G3514SS Neon in rocker G3515 G3515BK G3515CH G3515SC G3515SS Push to make G3519 G3519BK Push to break G3520 G3520BK Red rocker G3514RD* G3514RDB* Key Switch 2 way G3532 G3532BK Intermediate G3533 G3533BK Double Pole G3534 G3534BK 2 way 'Emg Lgt Test' G3536 G3536BK 2 way biased 1 way G3537* G3537BK* DP 'Emg Lgt Test' G3538 G3538BK* Double pole with red rocker G3534RD* Dimmers 1 Module 2 way 100W G3523 G3523BK G3523VAR **Dimmer module with metal caps are available in white or black body - suffix W for white or B for black Accessories Flex outlet G3541 G3541BK G3541CH G3541SC G3541SS Fuse unit - 13A G3542 G3542BK G3542CH G3542SC G3542SS Blank module G3544 G3544BK G3544CH G3544SC G3544SS Neons Red, mains voltage G3543RD G3543RDB* Amber, mains volatge G3543AM G3543AMB* Green, mains voltage G3543GR G3543GRB* Frames Cat. No. 1 module - for 1 gang plate G3401 2 modules - for 2 gang plate G3402 3 modules - for 3, 6 or 9 gang plate G3403 4 modules - for 4, 8 or 12 gang plate G3404 6 modules - for 18 or 24 gang plate G3406 **Double pole engraved w/out neon also available in black Add suffix BK to catalogue no. e.g. G3551BK