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AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 19 MH MCBs Single Pole 10kA Rated Amp B Curve C Curve D Curve 2A MH102B MH102C MH102D 4A MH104B MH104C MH104D 6A MH106B MH106C MH106D 10A MH110B MH110C MH110D 16A MH116B MH116C MH116D 20A MH120B MH120C MH120D 25A MH125B MH125C MH125D 32A MH132B MH132C MH132D 40A MH140B MH140C MH140D 50A MH150B MH150C MH150D 63A MH163B MH163C MH163D Amp B Curve C Curve D Curve 2A MC102B MC102C MC102D 4A MC104B MC104C MC104D 6A MC106B MC106C MC106D 10A MC110B MC110C MC110D 16A MC116B MC116C MC116D 20A MC120B MC120C MC120D 25A MC125B MC125C MC125D 32A MC132B MC132C MC132D 40A MC140B MC140C MC140D 50A MC150B MC150C MC150D 63A MC163B MC163C MC163D MC MCBs Single Pole 6kA Rated MCB’s & Modular Devices Double Pole 10kA Rated Amp B Curve C Curve D Curve 2A MH202B MH202C MH202D 4A MH204B MH204C MH204D 6A MH206B MH206C MH206D 10A MH210B MH210C MH210D 16A MH216B MH216C MH216D 20A MH220B MH220C MH220D 25A MH225B MH225C MH225D 32A MH232B MH232C MH232D 40A MH240B MH240C MH240D 50A MH250B MH250C MH250D 63A MH263B MH263C MH263D Amp B Curve C Curve D Curve 2A MC202B MC202C MC202D 4A MC204B MC204C MC204D 6A MC206B MC206C MC206D 10A MC210B MC210C MC210D 16A MC216B MC216C MC216D 20A MC220B MC220C MC220D 25A MC225B MC225C MC225D 32A MC232B MC232C MC232D 40A MC240B MC240C MC240D 50A MC250B MC250C MC250D 63A MC263B MC263C MC263D Double Pole 6kA Rated Triple Pole 10kA Rated Amp B Curve C Curve D Curve 2A MH302B MH302C MH302D 4A MH304B MH304C MH304D 6A MH306B MH306C MH306D 10A MH310B MH310C MH310D 16A MH316B MH316C MH316D 20A MH320B MH320C MH320D 25A MH325B MH325C MH325D 32A MH332B MH332C MH332D 40A MH340B MH340C MH340D 50A MH350B MH350C MH350D 63A MH363B MH363C MH363D Amp B Curve C Curve D Curve 2A MC302B MC302C MC302D 4A MC304B MC304C MC304D 6A MC306B MC306C MC306D 10A MC310B MC310C MC310D 16A MC316B MC316C MC316D 20A MC320B MC320C MC320D 25A MC325B MC325C MC325D 32A MC332B MC332C MC332D 40A MC340B MC340C MC340D 50A MC350B MC350C MC350D 63A MC363B MC363C MC363D Triple Pole 6kA Rated Code Description MODT180 24 Hour Analogue Timer MODT15D 7 Day Digital Timer MODST18 Staircase Timer Modular Timers Code Description MC-A Auxiliary Signal Contact MC-S Shunt Trip 230V MC-V Under Volt Release 230V MCB Auxiliaries Code Description MODC2/20 20A, 2 Pole MODC2/40 40A, 2 Pole MODC4/20 20A, 4 Pole MODC4/40 40A, 4 Pole MODC4/63 63A, 4 Pole MODC/SPACER Modular Spacer Modular Contactors Code Description MD102B 2A, Single Pole, 6kA, B Curve MD104B 4A, Single Pole, 6kA, B Curve MD106B 6A, Single Pole, 6kA, B Curve MD110B 10A, Single Pole, 6kA, B Curve MD116B 16A, Single Pole, 6kA, B Curve MD120B 20A, Single Pole, 6kA, B Curve MD125B 25A, Single Pole, 6kA, B Curve MD132B 32A, Single Pole, 6kA, B Curve MD140B 40A, Single Pole, 6kA, B Curve MD150B 50A, Single Pole, 6kA, B Curve MD163B 63A, Single Pole, 6kA, B Curve MCBs - MD Range Working with Cudis Ltd Custom Build Facility At Cudis Ltd we offer an in-house build facility for Consumer Units and Distribution Boards to your requirements, populating them with MCBs, RCBOs and SPDs - saving you time and money! Training We can offer a full training package for all of our products to BS7671 standards, they are tailored to your needs. Ask your AIEWWholesaler for more details. Site Surveys We can arrange site surveys for Surge Protection and Voltage Optimisation. If you would like a survey, please contact your AIEWWholesaler. CPN-CUDIS www.cudis.co.uk