Dantone Electrical Ltd

AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 19 VENTURE LIGHTING Product Applications EMERGENCY INDUSTRIAL EXTERIOR www.venturelightingeurope.com Part Number Wattage Description Ra/ CCT System Power EMG016-KIT01 3W LED Emergency 6 in 1 Exit Sign 865 3W ACS111 Suspension Mounting Kit for EMG016 ACS112 Recessed Mounting Kit for EMG016 ACS113 Emergency Legends for EMG016, Up ACS114 Emergency Legends for EMG016, Down ACS115 Emergency Legends for EMG016, Left / Right The new Emergency 6 in 1 lighting fixture is versatile to suit any location and application. The fixture can be suspended, surface mounted, recess mounted, arm mounted or wall mounted. Customisable legends cater for every installation and the built in task light ensures a safe and comfortable working environment. Emergency 6 in 1 Exit Sign Accessories Emergency Range ACS111 ACS112 ACS114 ACS115 ACS113 3 Hours Self Test 30,000 Hours Years Warranty