Dantone Electrical Product Catalogue

202 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 22 QPAC LINEAR BATTEN (VARIOUS OPTIONS) QFLOOD TRI-COLOUR RESIDENTIAL GLOW UFO INDUSTRIAL HIGH BAY SFR LITE FIRE RATED DOWNLIGHT TAURUS SLIM SURFACE BULKHEAD www.qvis.co.uk BESA MOUNTING QUICK RELEASE DIFFUSER TRI COLOUR OPTIONS IP66 1m CABLE FLEX PIR OPTIONS TRI COLOUR IP65 DIE-CAST HOUSING 170 LM/CW EFFICACY 1.5m CABLE FLEX IP65 SLIM PROFILE RAISED GEAR TRAY IP65 QUAD COLOUR TRAILINGEDGE DIMMING BS476-21 (30/60/90 MIN) 10/20W 30W 50W WATTAGE SWITCHABLE NEW & IMPROVED 120 LM/CW EFFICACY Product Code Description QPAC-20-1200NW 1200mm, 20W, 4000K QPAC-40-1200NW 1200mm, 40W, 4000K QPAC-30-1500NW 1500mm, 30W, 4000K QPAC-60-1500NW 1500mm, 60W, 4000K Product Code Description GU-170-100CW/EC 100W, 6000K GU-170-150CW/EC 150W, 6000K Product Code Description TAU-S-WS-315TC Wattage Switchable (10/13/16/20W)*, Tri-Colour** TAU-S-EYELID Half-Moon Attachment Product Code Description SFR-LITE-WS-CS Wattage Switchable (4/6/8W), Quad-Colour*, 30/60/90 Minute Fire Rated Product Code Description QFLOOD-10TC 10W, Tri-Colour* QFLOOD-20TC 20W, Tri-Colour* QFLOOD-30TC 30W, Tri-Colour* QFLOOD-50TC 50W, Tri-Colour* Product Code Description QFLOOD-PIR-RC Remote Control PIR QFLOOD-PIR-DIAL Dial Control PIR QFLOOD-PIR-REMOTE Remote for PIR Product Code Description QPAC-30-1500TC 1500mm, 30W, Tri-Colour* QPAC-60-1500TC 1500mm, 60W, Tri-Colour* QPAC-40-1800NW 1800mm, 40W, 4000K QPAC-67-1800NW 1800mm, 67W, 4000K Product Code Description GU-170-200CW/EC 200W, 6000K GU-170-240CW/EC 240W, 6000K Add /EM For Emergency; add /MS for Microwave Sensor; add /ME For Both Add /EM for Emergency; add /MS for Microwave Sensor; add /ME for both Add /EM for Emergency; add /MS for Microwave Sensor; add /ME for both * Microwave sensor models are only switchable between 13W & 16W ** Tri-Colour is 3000K/4000K/6000K (CCT Switchable) *Quad-Colour is 2700K/3000K/4000K/6000K (CCT Switchable) * Tri-Colour is 3000K/4000K/6000K (CCT Switchable) Tri-colour - Simply remove the end cap to access the switch * Tri-Colour is 3000K/4000K/6000K (CCT Switchable) PIR Attachments Various Accessories Also Available Product Code Description SFR-BLK Black Bezel SFR-POLISH Polished Bezel Product Code Description SFR-BRUSHED Brushed Bezel SFR-BRASS Brass Bezel Magnetic Bezels (White as Standard) MULTI-POWER 4W / 6W / 8W