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AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 19 KNIGHTSBRIDGE www.mlaccessories.co.uk LED Floodlights IP65 High Output LED Floodlights Easy-Install IP65 LED Floodlights LED Wall Lights Code Model Finish WALL1L 1 x 35W Fixed Wall Light Stainless Steel WALL1LBK 1 x 35W Fixed Wall Light Black WALL1LC 1 X 35W Fixed Wall Light Copper Effect WALL2L 2 x 35W Up/down Wall Light Stainless Steel WALL2LBK 2 x 35W Up/down Wall Light Black WALL2LC 2 x 35W Up/down Wall Light Copper Effect WALL3L 1 x 35WAdjustable Wall Light Stainless Steel WALL3LBK 1 x 35WAdjustable Wall Light Black WALL3LC 1 x 35WAdjustable Wall Light Copper Effect WALL4LSS 2 x 35Wwith PIR sensor Stainless Steel WALL5LSS 1 x 35Wwith PIR sensor Stainless Steel IP65 LED Extra-Slim Floodlights Easy to install with angled mounting bracket and internal junction box for direct wiring. FLF80M FLFR WALL1/2/3/4/5 IP65 Wall Lights - GU10 35W Code Model Lumens FLF10 10W 1150 FLF10M 10Wwith microwave sensor 1150 FLF10RGB 10W RGB floodlight 350 FLF20 20W 2240 FLF20W 20W – white finish 2240 FLF20M 20Wwith microwave sensor 2240 FLF20WM 20Wwith microwave sensor – white finish 2240 FLF20RGB 20W RGB floodlight 530 FLF30 30W 3100 FLF30W 30W – white finish 3100 FLF30M 30Wwith microwave sensor 3100 Code Model Lumens FLF30WM 30Wwith microwave sensor – white finish 3100 FLF30RGB 30W RGB floodlight 680 FLF50 50W 5380 FLF50M 50Wwith microwave sensor 5380 FLF50W 50W – white finish 5380 FLF50WM 50Wwith microwave sensor – white finish 5380 FLF50RGB 50W RGB floodlight 990 FLF80 80W 7740 FLF80M 80Wwith microwave sensor 7740 FLF100 100W 8100 FLFR Microwave sensor remote for FLF series Code Model Lumens FLR10 10W 800 FLR10P 10Wwith PIR sensor 800 FLR20 20W 1600 FLR20P 20Wwith PIR sensor 1600 FLR30 30W 2400 FLR30P 30Wwith PIR sensor 2400 FLR50 50W 4000 FLR50P 50Wwith PIR sensor 4000 Code Model Lumens FLP100 100W 8400 FLP150 150W 13500 FLP200 200W 17150 FLF20WM FLR30 FLP150 FLR30P WALL5LSS WALL1LBK WALL2LC WALL3L Black finish (unless otherwise stated) Colour temperature: 4000K PIR detection field: 120° Colour temperature: 4000K YEAR WARRANTY 3 * require a max 35W GU10 lamp, not supplied