Dantone Electrical Product Catalogue

175 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 22 RADIALED RAPID ® LED BULKHEAD RIM 8W 12W/16W/24W Finish JC070187 JC070195 White JC070188 JC070196 Black JC070189 JC070197 Chrome JC070190 JC070198 Satin Chrome JC070193 JC070201 Satin Silver JC070194 JC070202 Black Eylid White Black Chrome Satin Chrome Satin Silver Black Eyelid Whole fitting comes with white rim as standard. For all other variants and accessories, please visit jcc.co.uk. RADIALED ® RAPID DESIGNED WITH ELECTRICIANS, FOR ELECTRICIANS • Now in 3000K and 4000K options • Unique, clip in tool-less LED gear tray design • Four side 20mm conduit entry points • Multiple rear cable entry - central & offset • Detatchable, loop-in/loop-out terminal block • All variants available in emergency • Modules available in microwave on/off, microwave step dim, photocell and DALI/1-10V variants • Multiple rim options available • 5 year extended warranty* *Extended warranties require online registration. Subject to T&Cs. Code Description Colour Temp. Watt Lumens JC070065 RadiaLED Rapid 8W 4000K 8W 760 JC070229 RadiaLED Rapid 8W 3000K 8W 760 JC070075 RadiaLED Rapid 12W 4000K 12W 1250 JC070231 RadiaLED Rapid 12W 3000K 12W 1250 JC070085 RadiaLED Rapid 16W 4000K 16W 1600 JC070095 RadiaLED Rapid 24W 4000K 24W 2160 JC070146 RadiaLED Rapid 8W module 4000K 8W 760 JC070205 RadiaLED Rapid 8W module 3000K 8W 760 JC070157 RadiaLED Rapid 12W module 4000K 12W 1250 JC070215 RadiaLED Rapid 12W module 3000K 12W 1250 JC070167 RadiaLED Rapid 16W module 4000K 16W 1600 JC070177 RadiaLED Rapid 24W module 4000K 24W 2160 JC070145 RadiaLED Rapid body only (for use with 8W modules) JC070156 RadiaLED Rapid body only (for use with 12W, 16W & 24W modules)