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AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 19 Firefly Fire Clips For more information and to view the full Firefly range, go to www.marshall-tufflex.com Fast-Coupling Wire Basket Code Description Pack quantity MT2/7389 60 x 65mm 2 x 3m MT2/7248 100 x 65mm 2 x 3m MT2/7249 150 x 65mm 2 x 3m MT2/7250 200 x 65mm 2 x 3m MT2/7251 300 x 65mm 2 x 3m MT2/7394 400 x 65mm 2 x 3m MT2/7395 500 x 65mm 2 x 3m MT2/7396 600 x 65mm 2 x 3m MT2/7397 200 x 105mm 2 x 3m MT2/7398 300 x 105mm 2 x 3m MT2/7399 400 x 105mm 2 x 3m MT2/7400 500 x 105mm 2 x 3m MT2/7401 600 x 105mm 2 x 3m Punched Mini Trunking Code Description Pack quantity MMTH2WH 25 x 16mm 30 x 3m MMTH4WH 38 x 25mm 15 x 3m MMTH2RD 25 x 16mm (Red) 30 x 3m MMTH2SFWH 25 x 16mm Self Fixing 30 x 3m MMTH2SF2WH 25 x 16mm Self Fixing 30 x 2m MMTH4SFWH 38 x 25mm Self Fixing 15 x 3m MMTH4SF2WH 38 x 25mm Self Fixing 15 x 2m Maxi Trunking Code Description Pack quantity MTRS50WH 50 x 50mm 8 x 3m MTRS75/50WH 75 x 50mm 4 x 3m MTRS75WH 75 x 75mm 4 x 3m MTRS100/50WH 100 x 50mm 4 x 3m MTRS100WH 100 x 100mm 4 x 3m MTRS150WH 150 x 150mm 2 x 3m For our full range of cable management solutions visit www.marshall-tufflex.com Code Description Pack quantity FCMMT2 Fire clip internal MMT2 Trunking 100 FCMMT3 Fire clip internal MMT3 Trunking 100 FCMMT4 Fire clip internal MMT4 Trunking 100 FCMMT5 Fire clip internal MMT5 Trunking 100 FCMMT6 Fire clip internal MMT6 Trunking 100 FCMTRS50 Fire clip internal MTRS50 Trunking 100 FCXMMT2 Fire clip external MMT2 Trunking 100 FCXMMT4 Fire clip external MMT4 Trunking 100 FCCR20 Fire clip 20mm round conduit 100 FCCR25 Fire clip 25mm round conduit 100 A fast-coupling system allowing sections of wire basket to be simply joined together for super-fast installation using the integral couplers. • Two heights available; 65mm and 105mm • Integral couplers for quick and easy connection in just two steps • The position of the couplers create a guide making a fast and easy assembly process • No tools required • Reduced installation time, saving labour costs • Strong and lightweight • Unique rippled wire design to enhance product strength and resist flexing • Maximum cable ventilation and a high level of resistance to cable movement • Electro-Zinc finish • Fire resistant to E90 DIN 4101 section 12 • Spring-loaded Firefly fire clips fit inside or outside of Marshall-Tufflex mini/maxi trunking, conduit and perimeter trunking. • Designed for quick installation and to maximise internal trunking space MARSHALL-TUFFLEX www.marshall-tufflex.com To aid compliance with BS 7671:2018 IET Wiring Regulations, Marshall-Tufflex supply a range of Firefly fire clips designed to prevent cables falling and creating a hazard – providing a safer evacuation and allowing easy access for fire service crews.